Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Burek" means burek

Behold the spoils of Tony & Tina's Pizza, an unassuming pizza place in the Bronx just off of Arthur Avenue. It's owned (or just run/employed?) by Albanians, and it's where The Albanian gets burek (above), one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. It's a savory pastry filled usually with meat ("mish"), cheese ("djath"), creamy spinach ("spinaq"), or pumpkin ("kungul"). It's similar to Greek spanikopita or boureki, or Turkish börek, except the dough is less flaky and more squishy/rubbery - in a good way. Binak always gets the meat version and picks out all of the onions. I, without fail, go for the cheese. We eat it with fresh plain, sour yogurt.

I haven't yet tried making it myself, but I recently found two recipes that I might try out one day: this one and this one.

Right here is what we took home for dinner - cheese on the top, spinach in the middle, and meat on the bottom. The Albanian's mom makes burek back home. "Hers is better," he says, "because you know what's in it - NO ONIONS."

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